ERAU...stop in and visit.

Recently I returned to the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. My two daughters are both considering ERAU and thus my wife (who is also an ERAU alumnus) and I had the oldest one contact the university herself and set up their of the Daytona campus. We parents got our tour through the alumni office.

Nearly everything from my era at ERAU DAB is completely gone. The only thing that remains is the old dorm. The word is that they cannot rip it down because the school has build new modern dorms all around it and thus there's no way to get the heavy equipment in to do the demolition.

I'm NOT complaining here folks. The campus is AMAZING and futuristic. Students zip around on motorized skateboards controlled by their cellphones, droids deliver food anywhere on campus, flight students without a private certificate start out flying VR sims and the dorms are more like hotel suites than college housing. Of course, the parking problems are still quite painful. The new student center, however, is a spacious all-in-one facility that serves every need imaginable from food to an advanced research library.

I highly encourage everyone to visit the campus. If you are an ERAU alum. contact the alumni office and arrange a tour.

We had some great times on the old campus, yet all of that is now just in our memory. Today the university grounds are something that I personally could never have imagined.