Happy New Year... yeah, right.

For all of those wishfully thinking that the new year will be better than 2013, here is my little reality check. In the coming year ahead one single thing will squelch your dreamy hope of better things ahead. In the year 2014 it is highly probable that, if it has not happened already, your health insurance WILL be canceled, as will mine. This is because waiting just the other side of the 2014 elections comes the Obamacare Employer Mandate. That portion of the law was intentionally written to cause private companies to drop their employee health insurance benefits and tens of millions of us will find our plans canceled… it is the law.

Now, I have friends who say, “Not me, I’m in a union and we have a waiver.” Yeah… right… and who gave your union that waiver? Obama did… the same guy who stood in front of the American people and LIED by saying that under Obamacare, “If you like your plan you can keep it… if you like your doctor you can keep him… PERIOD!” That was done just to get him elected and the Obamacare waivers were given for the same reasons. He who giveth the waiver, can also taketh away the waiver. Remember, those “waivers” were not passed by the Congress and are not a part of the law. Also remember that in order to work, Obamacare needs lots of healthy people to join in… and right now, they are not.

Hummmm… where can Obama get a huge block of healthy people that he can readily force into Obamacare? Simple… all he has to do is say that his waivers were not in keeping with the law and retract them all. Boom! You waivered union folks are dog meat to be fed into Obamacare. This is especially true for pilots, who are actually CERTIFIED as being healthy by the Federal government.

Didn’t think about that one, now did ya’?

Now if you are thinking that the politicians when faced with the horror of Obamacare and angry voters will flee from the law in droves and do something to save us all- think again. Even if every democrat congressman who is up for re-election loses in November, it will be TOO LATE to stop the Employer Mandate. Plus, even if the Republicans re-take the Senate and retain the House, anything that they do to try and stop Obamacare will simply be vetoed by Obama and the numbers in the congress are not enough to override that veto.

So, will 2014 be better than 2013? I wish I could say it will, but the odds are that unless you are a socialist on Medicaid or a federal employee, the answer is many Americans are gonna be wishing that they had 2013 over again or the 2012 elections to vote over again. But hey, Obama will get at least 20 rounds of golf in during the new year

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