Snowballs are important

Teaching your kids to make snowballs is important. I have two girls and I teach them that snowballs are important in life.

It teaches them the dexterity to properly pack and shape the snow into an aerodynamic form.

It teaches them to throw with accuracy and hit a target.

It teaches them how to sight and hit a target of choice.

It teaches them to rapidly reload.

It teaches them to pick off an opponent while defending from a good position.

It teaches them to covertly approach an adversary and strike without remorse.

It teaches them to take hits and keep on fighting.

It teaches them to show no mercy when fired upon by an enemy.

It teaches them to stock-pile ammunition so that it can be used in a saturation volley that will cause shock and awe.

It teaches them that victory goes to the smart, strong, resourceful and cunning.

It teaches them that surrender is only a fade to a better position from which to attack in greater violence.

It teaches them that revenge is best served cold in overwhelming volumes.

It teaches them to vanquish their opponents and destroy their fortifications and then do the same to their enemy’s allies.

It teaches them to trample the weak and hurtle the dead.

Snowballs are important.

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