Starting today, I am no longer teaching my two daughters to try. I'm no longer teaching my kids to do well in school. In fact I'm teaching them to get as dumb as possible. "Why?" you may ask... because that is the best way to get along in Obama's America. The dumber you are and the more lazy you are, the more free stuff you get..

You see, the key to survival from now on is that in order to live, you must get free stuff from the state, the government, from The Leader- Obama. The dumber you are, the more you will get. I'm teaching my kids where to stand in line to get the paperwork to get the free stuff. I'm teaching them to game the system- they are no longer Americans- they are Asian-Females, a double minority. They can get more free stuff.

I'm also teaching my kids to join the Democrat Party- right now. I want them to work their way up into "The Party" as high as they can. Because in The Leader's america, just like in other communist nations, only high-up party members will get the best free stuff, the best housing, the best cars, the best food and of course the best, free, health care. The key to The Leader's dream is to rise in The Party, thus, rise to the best free stuff. There will no longer be a party divide, there will be only one party- The Party, The Leader's party.

When The Leader changes the nation's flag, we will fly the new flag, when the leader orders that every loyal american has a photo of The Leader in their homes, we will have one and when The Leader sends his federal housing authority to our home and deems it as too large we will turn it into apartments for other people who were not savvy enough to get as much free stuff as they need.

My children must now learn that the military means nothing- unless they are escorting The Leader. The big dogs in The Leader's america will from now on be the EPA, the IRS and especially the un-elected board of persons who will decide who gets what medication, doctor's care, who lives and who dies. Those are the powers that be from now on.

We will stand by uncaring when the leader deems the Constitution to be invalid and holds a party convention to write a new document and thus making himself "President for Life." After all, who is to stop him? The news media? The voters? There will be no more votes for president that do not re-elect The Leader.

If my kids actually do grow up wanting to work, I'll teach them to work in the government. From then on they will always have a job if they are in the government. They will also have the title of "employee" rather than those poor fools working outside the government who are now and forever more referred to as "workers." My kids will be savvy to the fact that they cannot earn more than five figures of annual income- because they will then become "the rich" and they will have everything else that they earn taken from them by The Party.

In our household, my kids will tell you that the worst thing they can do is tell a lie. We had held truth as the highest standard. Now, however, I'll be teaching my kids to lie- and to lie as good as they can. When asked a question, just tell the person listening exactly what the want to hear. There is no truth, there are only the words that will get you ahead. If you get caught in a lie, lie some more- twist the words and if need be, throw someone else under the bus. Those who lie with the greatest of ease will be those who get ahead in The Leader's america.

The Leader's america is not the result of voter fraud, voter suppression or any other type of wrong-doing. THIS is what american voted for on November 6th, 2012. Now we all must conform to The Party way and to serve the needs of The Leader. The nation voted for this- and now we are going to get it. I just want my kids to NOT be the ones assigned to polishing the railroad rails in The Leader's america.

All hail The Leader, all hail Obama.

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  1. I am sure there was enough voter fraud to have tipped the balance of the election but voter fraud does not account for the vast majority of the votes cast for Obama.
    I have also thought about throwing in the towel, giving up and becoming a parasite, but I have not been able to overcome my morality yet.