Often I place little things into my cartoons that help me go farther than just the words in the bubbles.

This week I went to work and created a "Special Screener" logo that helps me express my disgust at the fact that our nation's capitol is, at this moment, cordoned off with razor wire. 

The logo is two stylized "S" letters made from razor wire.

Washington DC has ALWAYS been a place where the American people can freely walk right up the steps of the capitol building and gaze back across the open mall toward the Washington monument. People from all over the world come and are free to do the same.

Suddenly, we find huge steel barriers topped with razor wire blocking access.


"Well because there was a riot an people stormed the capitol and broke in." comes the reply.

And so... where is the danger now? I don't see any more "rioters" stalking in DC. 

Oh... and I didn't see any such response last summer, when Antifa, and BLM  rioted, tore down statues, burned buildings and a historic church all of which went on for days. 

Liberty is lost by way of it being slowly chipped away... and by razor wire.


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