To Blog or not to Blog?

Okay, so... this may be the Klyde Morris Project, but the rants read here will be written by me... Wes... Klyde's creator. Of course, handing someone like me a blog of my very own is much like handing a fully loaded AK-47 to some guy who stands on a corner and screams at traffic. You simply have to hope that you can get out of range before he figures out how to turn off the safety. And my reaction is much the same- first I look at it with a confused wonder while handling it adoringly... then begin firing with glee at any target that suits my eye and laughing maniacally at the results.

To blog or not to blog... is that even a question these days? When we have news networks so wrapped up in fluff that they tend to put some half witt Hollyweird celeb coming out of rehab ahead of a Space Shuttle landing in their news priorities simply due to the fact that their ratings surveys show better numbers- it's time for the people living outside of the pop-culture box to take over. The Blog is the best tool for that- it is the proverbial cyber suppository that needs to be shoved up rectal passage of those addicted to pop culture.

Of course after reading this, my first blog posting, you'll likely scroll back in time to read more stuff ripped from my web site and used to fatten the blog. Hey, you gotta have content... besides... I get paid by the page-view.

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